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Colorado author MARGARET COEL recently launched “A Dozen on Denver,” a short story series for the Rocky Mountain News. The Rocky is celebrating its own 150th birthday along with that of the city of Denver. Eleven writers were invited to create stories set in their chosen decades of Denver history. The paper sponsored a writing contest to find the twelfth story – winner to be announced when the final story is published. 

Margaret delivered a richly detailed story about a new widow seeking a way to support herself and her small daughter in early day Denver. “Yellow Roses” opens with an invitation to join the last the wagon train returning to St. Louis before winter sets in. The “go-backs,” people who found life in the West too difficult and decided to go home, said they were going “back to the states.”

Back to the states! Margaret’s little research detail tickled my mind after I finished her story. Gold seekers who came West in 1859 did indeed leave the states behind when they came to the Rocky Mountains. The State of Missouri must have seemed like the edge of civilization when people set out in wagons, on horseback, and on foot across the vast prairie. What became Colorado was a jigsaw puzzle where the Territories of Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, and New Mexico met on the MAP.

Thanks, Margaret, for a great story with a memorable detail.

Read an interview with MARGARET COELor listen to an audio of “YELLOW ROSES.”

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  1. Interesting comments on the short story anthology. Your book sounds good. See you soon.

  2. Cynthia, did you enter the Rocky Mountain News short story contest? Congratulations again on being a finalist in the Women Writing The West short story contest. I’m looking forward to reading more on you blog.
    Best wishes,

  3. Cynthia, I can’t wait to read your new Chipeta book, as a fan of your original Chipeta biography. BTW, the photo of you in your Dale Evans outfit struck a chord with me. I had an Annie Oakley outfit just like it. Once at the Chicago International Stock Show, my grandfather arranged for me to meet Gail Davis, who played Annie Oakley on TV. What was I wearing? You guessed it. Embarrassing, even to a little kid! Gail Davis was very gracious. Nice memory.

  4. Cindy:

    Your hot links are fine. They just need to be underlined. Nine blog site.

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