Halloween Bunny 1955

Halloween BunnyMother sewed the rabbit costume from an old sheet. The fluffy tail pulled the zipper that ran all the way from the top of the hood covering my head. With a rabbit-face mask in place, I was completely concealed.
          We lived in a cluster of eight houses surrounded by Southern Indian corn fields. My trick-or-treating was limited to the neighborhood. The treats, however, were special. Mrs. McDevitt had fudge and sent home an extra piece for my father. Mrs. Roehm had sticky popcorn balls wrapped in red cellophane tied with ribbon. There were caramel-dipped apples, brownies and shortbread slabs, little bags of peanut butter cookies and chocolate covered pecan clusters in foil. And, of course, mother’s sugar cookies. Everything was homemade.
          In the last house on our side of the road lived Grandma and Grandpa Brown – no relation, that’s just how we all knew them. Grandpa Brown was not well and spent much of his time in bed. When the white rabbit appeared on the doorstep, Grandma Brown took me inside to his bedroom so he could see my costume. I took off my mask so he could see it was Cynthia from down the road.
          Mom and Dad did not worry about the safety of my treats or my going into a neighbor’s house when invited. It was a different world in my childhood.

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  1. Cindy, I love the costume and your stance! You WERE a bunny for sure. Yes, I am so glad we grew up when we didn’t have to worry about all the “stuff” that is going on in our world today. Those sure were good times. Thanks for taking me back.

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