Hating the Utes

In the wake of the Meeker Massacre, hatred of all Utes spread throughout Colorado. Newspapers were sarcastic and cruel. Georgetown’s Colorado Miner, February 7, 1880, reprinted the following examples from other newspapers.

From the Ouray Solid Muldoon:  “Ouray’s squaw, Chipeta, wants a seal skin sacque [a style of jacket] and a pair of French kid walking shoes. The last time we gazed upon the abnormal Chipeta we thought it was a bath ticket she wanted.”

From the Denver Republican: “A doctor in Norwalk, Connecticut, has ascertained that scalping a man awakens the auditory nerves and gives hearing at once to deaf mutes. Ouray has petitioned for establishment of a deaf and dumb asylum on the Ute reservation.”

The Leadville Chronicle presented a verse ending with a slogan popular in 1880 Colorado:

There never was a lower brute,
A less deserving, mean galoot,
And one more fit for gallows’ fruit,
Than this despised and hated Ute.

When snow-drifts melt and
South winds blow,
When spring-time comes,
The Utes must go!

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