Summer Reading #4: Sweet Memories

Forgotten treasure arrived in my mailbox recently. My childhood neighbor and lifetime friend, Sharon, returned a book to me. She found Little Sugar Bear (Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha, WI, 1952) while sorting more than fifty years of accumulated keepsakes in her parents house.
     My name is written on the first page in my mother’s distinctive script. No doubt it was better kept with Sharon’s family since my children’s books were long ago given away.
     Inside the front cover is an image of the bear with head and feet that pivot to make a paper doll bear. (The head survived with the aid of some tape but the feet disappeared.) Turning the pages changes the bear’s clothing to fit the story printed on the opposite page.
      I was struck by the simplicity of this book and its timelessness. It is as appealing today as it was so long ago.


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