Summer Travel

Every summer of my childhood we went to Wisconsin to visit my father’s family. While we were away one summer, my pet rabbit died.
          I got a new rabbit but the next year I was not about to leave him at home. So, Spot became a traveller. A well-behaved and house-broken rabbit, he adapted to the car and seemed to enjoy the adventure.
          When we stopped for lunch, of course Spot stayed in the car. Dad parked in front of the restaurant and we took a booth beside the front window. We had almost finished our meal when mother noticed the man in the next booth staring at our car. We all looked out to see Spot’s ears and the tip of his nose poking up behind the front seat. He liked to stand on his hind feet balanced by paws on the back of the front seat and watch the road ahead.
          The man took off his glasses, wiped them on his striped tie, and carefully positioned them on his nose. He peered intently out the window again. He nudged his wife. “Honey, do you see a rabbit in that car?’ 
          His wife eyed him suspiciously, looked at our car and said, “Of course not!”  
          We could hardly contain our laughter as Spot played a game of hide and seek with  the man. When we finished our meal, Dad stopped by the couple’s table. “There really is a rabbit in that car,” he said.
          The man looked relieved, his wife skeptical.

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