Summer Travel #2

With my newly acquired driver’s license, I was anxious to get my turn behind the wheel as we made our annual summer trip from Southern Indiana to Wisconsin. Dad finally agreed to let me drive and even traded places with me to take the back seat. We had a 1960 Chevrolet Impala, the model with a rear window that sloped too far up above the back seat. After leaning forward several times to check the speedometer, Dad settled back with a newspaper, leaving me to drive without instructions.
          About an hour later, Mother and I were singing along with the radio as we cruised northward on Highway 41. We began to notice people in cars that passed us turning around to stare at our car. They did more than stare, they slowed down and craned their necks. They waved and a few laughed.
          Mother finally turned around to look at Dad in the backseat. The sun coming through the rear window had been too hot so he donned my wide brimmed straw hat. It had a bright red scarf attached, which he tied under his chin. To passersby we looked like three women in the car, with grandma in the back seat wearing her hat. On passing however, they saw that grandma had a mustache and was smoking a cigar–and waving.

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