SS Chief Ouray, Part 1

On December 28, 1942, a square-hulled grey cargo ship slipped from its berth and splashed into the Pacific Ocean. The vessel was one of 2,710 Liberty Ships built to support the U.S. military during World War II. This one was christened the SS Chief Ouray. 

The Jeremiah O’Brien, one of two surviving Liberty Ships

          Liberty Ships were built assembly-line style at eighteen U.S. shipyards. At the peak of production, three ships were launched per day. The first Liberty Ship was lanched September 27, 1941 and the last was completed September 2, 1945. Of the 2,710 Liberty Ships built, only two remain.
           The Chief Ouray was assembled in 31 days at the Richmond, California shipyard of Permanente Metals Corporation.  This yard turned out a total of 130 such ships.  The Chief Ouray went into active service with the U.S. Navy on January 23, 1943, where it was renamed Deimos.  Just six months later, on June 23, 1943, an enemy torpedo struck the ship and it was scuttled off San Cristobal in the Solomon Islands.


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