SS Chief Ouray, Part 2

Your Bonds Buy Ships posterDuring World War II, any person or group who raised two million dollars by selling war bonds could propose the name for a ship. There were five  Liberty Ships named for Indian Chiefs.
          The SS Chief Ouray, hull number 513, was the first of the five entered into production. Its keel was laid down for assembly at the Permanente Metals Corporation, Yard #1, in Richmond, California on November 27, 1942. It was built in “way #1” of the seven ways (assembly slots). The completed ship was christened and launched on December 28, 1942. It was delivered to the Navy on January 12, 1943.
          Three days after the Chief Ouray’s keel was laid down, assembly of the Chief Washakie, hull number 613, began at the Oregon Shipbuilding Company in Portland, Oregon. The Washakie was launched December 24, 1942, four days before the Chief Ouray, thus becoming the first Liberty Ship christened in honor of an Indian chief.
          The five chiefs honored with namesake Liberty Ships included Charlot of the Flathead, Joseph of the Nez Perce, Ouray of the Ute, Osceoloa of the Seminole, and Washakie of the Shoshone.
Complete List of Liberty Ships

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