Trade on the Taos Trail

Trade on the Taos Trail (Vanishing Horizons, 2010) is a visual treat and informative work that will appeal to all ages. Author Deborah Martinez Martinez captures the theme of the book in her introduction:

”The trade goods have changed over time but the idea of trade is the same from the caveman to today’s Wall Street stock traders. One person has what the other person wants…the two parties exchange goods or services.”

          This engaging multicultural book explores the trade-based economy of the American Southwest between 1598 and 1859. Each two-page spread is artfully arranged with photos (both historical and contemporary), illustrations by Robert W. Pacheco, maps, lists and text. Martinez focuses on major trade routes and three trade centers that are now National Historic Sites–Taos Pueblo and Taos village, El Pueblo Trading Post and Bent’s Old Fort.
          Often overlooked in historical works, the lives of children who lived at the trading posts are featured. The children came from diverse cultures including Native American, Spanish/Mexican, African American and European American and most contributed to the work of the community.
          Back matter includes an illustrated historical timeline, information about living history interpreters, a reference page with books and websites, and a glossary. The content meets fourth and fifth grade educational standards for social studies, history, geography, economics and civics.

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