Dangerous Roads West 1859

In his 1859 report to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Superintendent J.L. Collins of New Mexico Territory defended the Indians against public outcries over Indian raids on the Santa Fe Trail. 

          “How often has the mail stage been stopped on the route from Independence to Santa Fe? During a term of nearly two years, there was hardly a stage passed that was not stopped by the Indians. It became so common an occurrence, that the conductors, every trip, carried an extra amount of provisions to meet the demand. This, I admit, should not be allowed; but would hungry Americans do less?”
          “What has been the conduct of our own citizens on the route from Pike’s Peak to Kansas City the past summer? Trains were robbed by them [citizens], homes broken into and robbed, and in some instances, the jewels were torn from the persons of respectable ladies: such, at any rate, was the newspaper account given at the time.”
          “If our own citizens, men who receive a Christian education, do those things, what ought we to expect from savages?”

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