Government Delays

Honoring the 150th Anniversary of Colorado Territory (officially formed February 28, 1861), this series of posts offers a brief glimpse into Indian affairs during the terms of the seven territorial governors.

The 1869 Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to the Secretary of the Interior included a report from the recently displaced Colorado Territorial Governor, Alexander C. Hunt, as well as a report from his replacement, Edward McCook.
          Governor Hunt served just one year as Territorial Governor. In his report he took the opportunity to vent his frustration with federal government delays in delivering goods and services promised to the Indians by treaty.  

“In my years of experience among the various tribes I have found delays the most fruitful of all causes which engender war. An Indian, who is the soul of punctuality, cannot comprehend why the officers of a government in the possession of unlimited wealth cannot be as prompt as a poor untutored native; nor can this failure, so often repeated, be explained satisfactorily to him.”

A.C. Hunt,
Governor and ex officio Superintendent of Indian Affairs
Colorado Territory


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