Hayden Survey 1874 Los Pinos

The 1874 Hayden Survey team visited the Los Pinos Agency where they photographed the landscape and the Ute Indians who inhabited it. The men were careful to record details of the location and features in each photograph.

“The 1874 Photographic Division on the way to Los Pinos and Mesa Verde. Left to right: Smart, Anthony, Mitchell, Whan, Ernest Ingersoll, and Charley, the cook. Dolly, the mule, stands between Charley and Ingersoll. Colorado. 1874. ”

“View on the White Earth River, looking down, where the trail from Los Pinos to Antelope Park crosses the White Earth; is a handsome little pocket of a valley, surrounded by high walls of the variously colored trachytes, characteristic of this region. The river canyons cut deeply, both in entering and leaving this valley. Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties, Colorado. 1874.”

Photographs by William Henry Jackson from the U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library


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