Colorado Summer Attractions 1917, Part 1

Colorado For The Tourist was a 48 page publication designed to entice vacation travel on the Union Pacific Railroad. Produced for the 1917 summer tourist season, the front and back covers are illustrated in color. The booklet includes 37 pages of black and white photographs of Colorado’s scenic wonders and eight pages describing places to visit within the state. And, of course, the benefits of travelling on the Union Pacific line were emphasized.

“The Union Pacific is the only line that is double-tracked all the way from Chicago to Colorado. It is the only line that is protected all the way by Automatic Electric Block Safety Signals. It has the only roadbed that is ballasted with Sherman gravel, a superior ballast [layer of crushed rock on which railroad track is laid] which insures freedom from dust and dirt…These important, exclusive features, added to the expense of eliminating grades and curves, cost the Union Pacific $269,700,000 and it has won for the line the name to which it is justly entitled, “The Standard Road of the West.”
          “Three daily trains are operated Chicago to Denver, via Omaha, and two daily trains from St. Louis to Denver, via Kansas City. The dining car service on all trains is maintained at the highest standard.”
          “…tourists destined to Yellowstone National Park, to California, the Pacific Northwest or Alaska, may visit Colorado, also Salt Lake City, on the way, without extra fare.”

Illustrations and quoted text from a free promotional booklet “Colorado for the Tourist,” produced by the Union Pacific Railroad for the summer tourist season of 1917.


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