Colorado Summer Attractions 1916, Denver Mountain Parks

In 1916, the city of Denver published a photo-filled brochure promoting tourism in the surrounding mountain parks. The illustration at left is from the cover of One Day In Denver’s New Mountain Parks.
          The brochure opens with two photographs of Denver, by day and by night. Illustrations focus on safety features of the road up Lookout Mountain including a granite wall, anchored steel cables and metal railings. Scenic photos taken from various points of the climb up Lookout Mountain include people perched in precarious places with breathtaking views. The black and white photos are hand tinted with pale orange and turquoise ink to enhance the scenes.
          The back of the brochure lists scenic stops by mileage points on a 63 mile route from “Denver to Golden, Lookout Mountain, Bergen Park, Evergreen, Bear Park Canyon, and Morrison via North Golden Road.”
         “Denver is the only American municipality which owns a mountain peak in an adjoining county and a system of mountain parks and boulevards fifteen to twenty-five miles beyond its borders.”
         “Features: The sky-line drive over Lookout Mountain drops ultimately into the canyon of Bear Creek, a famous trout stream, along which several of Denver’s millionaires have built summer homes. Shelters, fire-places, comfort stations and picnic grounds, provided with pure mountain water, occur at convenient intervals. Animal park of 135 acres, on west slope of Genesee Mountain, contains wild buffalo, elk, deer and other untamed animals.”
         The Tourist Bureau also offered to mail, free of charge, brochures on Thirty-eight Scenic Trips and Fourteen One-Day Trips available to visitors in the Denver area.


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