Summer Attractions Colorado 1917, South

The new Broadmoor Hotel built 1918

          “…Colorado Springs is 75 miles from Denver, reached by rail or auto in two and one-half hours. …regular fare one way from Denver to Colorado Springs is $2.25 the year around…      
          “Once the tourist has arrived at Colorado Springs he is surprised at the variety and excellence of hotel and boarding house accommodations…[T]he visitor to Colorado Springs can have from five days to one week’s board and room obtainable for from $10.00 to $12.00…”
          “Manitou, at the foot of Pike’s Peak, is six miles from Colorado Springs and is reached in 20 minutes by electric car or automobile. There are several ways of reaching the summit of Pike’s Peak. Many prefer to climb and a guide is not required.”
          “There are forenoon, afternoon, and sunrise trains on the cog road (The Manitou & Pike’s Peak Railroad). The regular fare is $5.00, round trip, and summer excursions are made for $3.00. The round trip is made in four hours…”
          “[Another] route to Pike’s Peak is by the Pike’s Peak Auto Highway which was completed in 1916. The price for this trip, in one of the Highway company’s automobiles, is $6.50….Any automobile may be driven to the top by its owner for a toll charge of $2.00 a person, minimum $4.00 a car. The distance is 30 miles each way.”
          “An attractive trip from Colorado Springs is the Wildflower excursion conducted by the Colorado Midland railroad every Thursday during the summer. The route is over Ute Pass. The trip requires one day. The round trip fare is $1.00.”
          “Pueblo, ‘The Pittsburg of the West,’ is 44 miles south of Colorado Springs and 119 miles from Denver by train or automobile…Pueblo is a thriving city of 60,000 people, the second in size in Colorado.”

Photo courtesy the Denver Public Library, Western History Collection.

Quoted text from a free promotional booklet “Colorado for the Tourist,” produced by the Union Pacific Railroad for the summer tourist season of 1917.


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