Summer Attractions Colorado 1918, Auto Camps

Camping in Rocky Mountain Lake Park auto camp, ca 1918In 1918, the Denver Tourist & Publicity Board reported, “Denver is conceded to be the originator of the idea of assigning the automobile tourist a spot in which to ‘pitch a camp.’ The idea has been adopted in many other cities and in the national parks of the country.”
          “The camp at City Park proving inadequate, the city set apart the 60-acre Rocky Mountain Lake Park for exclusive use as an automobile camp; reached via Federal Boulevard at 46th. In laying out Motor City provision has been made for 236 lots, as against 167 in the old camp, and new site may be expanded at a moment’s notice.”
          “Each applicant is given a permit to occupy the lot for one week, when his free lease may be renewed. Electric cookers are provided in a great pavilion, where enough electricity can be secured to cook a meal by the insertion of a nickel of a dime in the slot. Wood is supplied at cost for camp fires. Free service includes electric lights, hydrant water, free mail delivery, fire brick for outdoor ovens, daily camp clean-ups and sprinkling of the street to keep down dust. Free fishing will be allowed in the lake, adjoining a children’s playground, and at Berkeley Lake, nearby, is a bathing beach, a municipal golf course, with the privilege of renting tennis racquets, bathing suits and golf clubs. Those who prefer the call of the wild may find it in the automobile camp in Genesee Park, 22 miles from Denver’s Civic Center. Accommodations there are practically the same as at Motor City.”

When Berkely Lake was drained in 2011, intrepid diggers in the mud found treasures of times past including an 1879 silver dollar.

Quoted text from “Come Up To Colorado” a free promotional booklet published by The Denver Tourist & Publicity Bureau about 1918.

Photo courtesy Denver Public Library, Western History Collection


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