Two Hundredth Post

Yucca Blooms

Since its beginning on September 21, 2008, a new post on this blog has appeared at 6:00 am every Monday morning. Today marks the 200th post. 
         My main focus has been Colorado history, particularly related to the Ute Indians, Chipeta and Ouray, and Indian agents. At times I have shifted to books, writing, and seasonal material that I find interesting.
         As a search topic, “Chipeta” has consistently delivered the most visitors. I am particularly pleased to see a great number of students interested in information about her. (I’m estimating by the wording of searches.)
         Much of the material used on this blog comes from my personal research files. One such post that continues to draw a significant number of visits is a January 10, 2010, post about a “payment voucher.” It offers a copy of an original 1879 Treasury Department pay voucher made out to Chief Ouray. The government paid him $250.00 per quarter as “Head Chief of the Ute Nation” under a treaty agreement. I found the document in a National Archives file of Indian agent records.
          Oddly enough, the single post that has brought the most visitors is a World War II Christmas card. Since its posting on December 24, 2008, it has received more than 3,000 views. 
          Writing a blog has been an interesting and rewarding challenge. It offers an opportunity to use excess material from my research for two books, Chipeta: Queen of the Utes and Chipeta: Ute Peacemaker. And, it keeps me writing when other projects are not going so well.       
          Before I move on to writing post #201, I want to thank the person who introduced me to blogging. Cynthia Tinapple is the creator of the very popular blog Polymer Clay Daily. She explained blog setup in simple steps, gave technical assistance with my initial site setup, and came to my rescue in a later snafu. Thank you, Cynthia.

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  1. kCongratulations on your 200th blog post, Cynthia. It sounds as though you have found the key to attract readers. Also, good luck on your FEMA assignment. I’m sure there’s plenty to do out there.

  2. Congratulations on your 200th blog and your ability to keep track of them. What interesting subjects you’ve chosen to share and add to the education of so many students. Happy blogging. Check out my blog, it’s a work in progress after changing over from blogger. I’m an See you there, I hope. I’m going to link to you.

  3. Congratulations of your 200th blog. It is fun to read snipits of Colorado history.

  4. Congrats, Cynthia. Keep up the good work. I’m sorry to hear you will miss the ABQ conference!

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