What Did Chipeta Accomplish?

chipetaouray Chipeta was most remembered for her kindness.
          Early Colorado settlers recalled how she helped them survive in the rugged mountains. In spite of the fact that they were invading the homeland of her people, Chipeta showed new arrivals where to cross swollen streams in spring or where to find edible plants. Sometimes she came to their aid with a gift of dried meat in the midst of winter.
          People who met her in later life also spoke of her kindness and her concern for other people. If someone did something for Chipeta, before long she sent them a “thank you” gift. Often it was some item that she had beaded – a hair ornament, a little purse or pouch, a knife shield. Sometimes it was a large gift like a beaded saddle bag. No good deed went unnoticed by this woman. Many people who met Chipeta said, “She was the kindest person I ever knew.”

This series of posts attempts to answer the most frequent questions  asked by students who visited this site in 2012 (based on search terms used).

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