Indian Agency Employment, 1900

In the mid 1800s an Indian Agency in the West was managed by a small staff, typically an Indian Agent and a clerk. A large agency might have included a carpenter or blacksmith and two or three herders.
          By 1900, Indian Agency employment had grown considerably and included jobs for Indians. On Utah’s Uinta Reservation, for example, the twelve-man police force was staffed by tribal members.

White Staff at the Uinta Agency, 1900

Howell P. Myton, Agent 

J.A. Gogarty, Clerk               

Henry B. Lloyd, Physician         

G.H. Johnson, Wheelwright 

Sam McAfee, Carpenter

George W. Dickson, Miller/Engineer 

L.H. Mitchell, Farmer  

John Otterstedt, Blacksmith

W.S. Smith, Supervisor of Irrigation

Libbie Whitlock, Field Matron   

Indian Staff at the Uinta Agency, 1900

William Wash, Herder  

Edgar Meritats, Stableman 

Vernie Mack, Interpreter  

George Atwine, Assistant Blcksmth 

Roger Star, Assistant Carpenter    

James A. Robb, Issue Clerk      

Billy Woods, Police Captain  

Albert Chapoose, Policeman 

Tom Arrum, Policeman

Tavoopont, Policeman

Jim Atwine, Policeman

Joe Gross, Policeman

Tocumach, Policeman

Sam Robinson, Policeman

Tosey, Policeman

Sopunics, Policeman

Harry Tabley-Schutz, Policeman

Dave Weech, Policeman

Information from the Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1900

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