The Uinta and Ouray Agency, 1900

Agent H. P. Myton filed his second annual report for the Uinta and Ouray Agency on August 28, 1900. He noted, “The Uinta Agency is located 110 miles from Price, Utah, the nearest railroad station, and it is 110 miles of about the worst road I ever saw.” The subagency for the Ouray Utes was 35 miles to the southeast.
            The Agency served a total of 1,699 Utes. Reporting to the Uinta Agency were 470 Uinta and 364 White River Utes. Another 19 White River Utes had joined the 846 Uncompahgre Utes at the Ouray subagency.
            The Agent noted that only a small portion of children attended school. He suggested marriage customs contributed to low attendance. Boys often married between ages 14-16 and girls between ages 12-14.
         Children of the White River Utes would only attend school by force, Agent Myton suggested.  He requested permission to cut off rations to White River families who did not send their children to school and the use of soldiers to enforce the order. He also noted that some Utes would be killed in the effort to enforce school attendance as “the leaders of this band are a mean set of Indians.”
            In September the Utes would sell 900 tons of hay to the U.S. War Department at a price of $6,420.00. Agent Myton noted they would still have several thousand tons of hay remaining. In addition, crops of oats would exceed the previous year.  
           Agent Myton also recommended, for the second time, that the Utes be allowed to hire an attorney to collect money owed them by the government for land they had owned in Colorado. He said the government had turned the land into a forest reserve and had no plans to sell it.

Information from the Annual Report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1900


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