Books Come Home

StoreIn the summer of 2010, forgotten treasure arrived in my mailbox. My childhood neighbor and lifetime friend, Sharon, returned two books to me. She found them while sorting more than fifty years of accumulated keepsakes in her parents’ house.          
          To The Store We Go by E.C. Reichert, illustrated by Ora Walker (Rand McNally & Company, Chicago) is a bit worse for wear. The front cover is barely hanging on. The back cover is missing but, the pages are in good condition and offer an interesting look back in time.
          In this little story, Tim and Debbie take a trip to the grocery with Mother. They learn about taking a number at the meat counter,  picking ice cold frozen food from the freezer, and what happens when you take an orange from the bottom of the pile. 
          Rereading this little book after more than fifty years, I noticed a few things have changed. In one scene a grocery clerk uses a rubber stamp and ink pad to put bright blue prices on the tops of cans. The can of tomatoes cost 17 cents! After checking out, a “big, strong boy” carried their two paper bags of groceries to the car. One thing has not changed – the temptation of candy and gum displayed in easy reach at the checkout counter.

   I wrote about the other book, Sugar Bear <a href=" (Samuel Lowe Company, Kenosha, WI, 1952), in a July 2010 post.

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