Green Writing

gecko-book_articleSeems like anybody, or, um, any critter, can write a book these days! While You’re Only Human: A Guide to Life is a creative bit of company promotion, it is more welcome than most television advertising.

          Reviews posted on call the little book “deliciously entertaining,” “uncommonly delightful,” “quite a hoot.” One person admited “I found myself laughing outloud.”

          I am thoroughly entertained by the idea. After all, for several years I have referred to the Geico Gecko as “my favorite television personality.” Ever since an ad showed him driving his gecko-size red sports car to work, I have been totally charmed by the little green guy with the down-under accent. So much so that my husband gave me a Geico Gecko bobble-head figure for Christmas. It sits on my computer table offering an encouraging thumbs up when I sit down to write.



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