More Old Books

The Emerald Fairy Book was a gift from a British grandfather to an American grandson. The inscription on the fly page reads: “For the dear Arthur from Grandpapa, Christmas 1901.”
          Grandpapa was Joseph Henry Collins of England. He owned an international mining consulting company, J.H. Collins & Sons, Mining and Metallurgical Engineers located in London.
          Two of his sons, George and Arthur (born 1868 in Turo, Cornwall, England), came to America in 1894 to manage company mining interests in Colorado. The following year, Arthur married Margaret Morton Becker, daughter of Judge Clayton F. Becker. The couple had two sons: Arthur Jr. and Lawrence.
          In 1899 Arthur Collins became general manager of the Smuggler-Union Mining Company which operated a silver mine near Telluride, Colorado. Arthur made changes in mining operations that angered the miners and their union. He refused to bargain with the union and 350 miners walked off the job on May 1, 1901. After a shooting incident and intervention by Arthur’s older brother, George, the strike was settled.
          On 19 November 1902, Arthur was playing cards in the mine manager’s house. An unidentified person poked a shotgun through the open window and mortally wounded Arthur.  
          Governor James Orman ordered the rail route cleared so that a special train carrying two doctors and Mrs. Collins could race non-stop from Denver to Telluride. The doctors were unable to save Arthur and he died the following day, November 21, 1902.
          The Emerald Fairy Book, part of Father Tuck’s Golden Gift Series, is a lovely collection of stories by various British authors with illustrations on every pair of pages.
          Read more about the authors and illustrators in the next several blog posts.

The credits:
Stories and Poems by Clifton Bingham, Grace C. Floyd, M.A. Hoyer, etc.
Illustrated by F. Brundage, Dorothy Furniss, T. Noyes Lewis, etc.
Edited by Edric Vredenburg
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd.
Art Publishing by Royal Warrant
Printed in England as part of Father Tuck’s Golden Gift Series, with stories by various British authors, including Clifton Bingham, Grace C. Floyd, and M.A. Hoyer.
Beautiful illustrations enhance every pair of pages.



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