Harper Lee Would Enjoy This

image mockingbirdIn my 1950s childhood, Dad was a salesman who wore suits to work. We lived in a rural area and our house was a regular weekly stop for the dry cleaner’s truck.

In those summer days before we had air conditioning, our screened windows and front door were open for any hint of a breeze. Mother hung the bag of clothes for dry cleaner pickup on the front screen door. The cleaner’s driver took the to-be-cleaned pieces and left the clean suits in their place. He would whistle to let mother know he was there but did not wait for her to come to the door.

One day in mid summer, mother heard the cleaner man’s whistle. When she went to the door, the to-be-cleaned pieces were still there. A short time later she heard his whistle again but found he had not made a pick-up or delivery.

After the third useless trip to the door, Mother waited nearby but out of sight. The whistle came again. She stepped to the door. No one in sight. Then, she looked up under the front porch awning. There sat a Mockingbird, carefully perched on one of the struts that held up the awning. He had learned to imitate the cleaner man’s whistle and was enjoying his “cat-and-mouse” game with Mother. He continued his game until summer’s end.

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