WWII Letter From A Buddy

To all veterans, thank you for your service.

WWII FranceExcerpts from a soldier’s letter written from France to a stateside Army buddy (my Dad), 3 March 1945.

          We had a beer ration the other day, our first since we’ve been over here, and it was good, what there was of it. We got two bottles each.

          The “chicken” is worse over here than Ninth Headquarters ever was. The chow varies, sometimes we fare pretty well, and on all our moves, which is mighty frequent, we resort to those delicious “K” rations. Doesn’t that just make your mouth water?

         As for the girl situation on my part, it is kinda fifty-fifty as usual. I hear from Ada pretty often, but I think Aileen is pretty sore at me right now. I met a mighty swell gal in England. I hear from her quite often now. If I can get a furlough to England, I’ll sure rush back there. George got himself a gal back there too. We were never stationed in the states at a town better than the English town we were in. It was really swell.

           I did see my brother over here. He is in Maastricht, Holland. I hadn’t seen him for five years.

                                          Sincerely, Larry


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